ASSOCIATE $160.00  (Plus an additional entry fee of $90 and an annual subscription of $130)


Dancers must be a minimum age of 17

Basic Positions Basic Movements Basic Steps

- Positions of the feet

- Positions of the arms

- Grouping of the fingers

- Positions of the head

- Bow                                                 

- Hop

- Spring

- Shedding

- Round-the-Leg

- Back-Stepping

- Toe-and-Heel

- Heel-and-Toe

- Shake (Fling and Seann Triubhas)

- Rock

- Pas de Basque

- Open Pas de Basque

- Spring Point

- Assemble

- Disassemble

- High-Cut

- Change

- Leap

- Brush

- Shuffle

- Balance

- Travelling Balance

- Pivot Turn

- Step

- Hop Brush Beat Beat

- Shake Shake Down

- Progressive Strathspey

- Progressive Reel

- High Cut in Front

- Propelled Pivot Turn

Highland Fling:


1st: Shedding

2nd: First Back-Stepping

3rd: Toe- and- Heel

4th: Rocking

6th: Cross-Over

7th: Shake and Turn

8th: Last Shedding



Sword Dance:


1st: Addressing the Swords

2nd: Open Pas de Basque

3rd: Toe-and-Heel

4th: Pointing

7th: Open Pas de Basque Quick Step

8th: Crossing and Pointing Quick Step



Seann Triubhas:


1st: Brushing

2nd: Side Travel

3rd: Diagonal Travel

4th: Backward Travel

5th: Travelling Balance

6th alt: Leap and Shedding

8th: Side Heel-and -Toe

10th: Shedding with Back-Step

11th: Toe-and-Heel, and Rock

12th: Pointing and Back-Stepping

13th: Heel-and-Toe and Shedding





Figure of Eight

How the following Fling steps are adapted: 2nd, 3rd,4th, 6th


Highland Reel

Figure of Eight



Basic Reel Steps

2nd: Shake and Travel

3rd: Balance and Pas de Basque

5th: High Cuts and Spring Points

6th: Balance and Round-the-Leg


Dancers must count and clap in Single Beat Rhythm, Perfect Half Beat Rhythm, and both types of Imperfect Half Beat Rhythm. They must also describe the application of these rhythms to the counting of steps in Highland Dancing.



Dancers must dance the following:

    - Highland Fling (6 steps)

    - Sword Dance (3 & 1)

    - Seann Triubhas (4 & 2)

    - Strathspey & Highland Reel (2 & 2)

MEMBER $200.00  (Plus an additional entry fee of $90 and an annual subscription of $130)


Applicants for this exam must be 21 years or older and must have had two years teaching experience in the Branch for which the application is being made OR have held Associateship in the SDTA and had two years teaching experience.

Basic Positions Basic Movements Basic Steps

As for Associate

As for Associate

As for Associate, plus the following (including comprehension of all alternative methods):


Highland Fling:

5th: Second Back-Stepping

7th alt: Double Shake and Rock


Sword Dance:

5th: Diagonal Points

6th: Reverse Points


Seann Triubhas:

6th: Leap and High Cut

7th: High Cut in Front and Balance

9th: Double High Cutting

14th: Heel-and-Toe, Shedding, and Back-Stepping

15th: Back- Stepping



Dancers must know which Highland Fling steps are used for setting steps, and how they will be adapted for this purpose.


Basic Reel Steps

4th: Brushing

7th: Back-Step and Travel

8th: Assemble and Travel

10th: Shuffle


Reel of Tulloch

Dancers must describe the figuration of this dance and how it is commenced when preceded by the Strathspey and when performed as a separate dance.  They should also know first and last setting steps and the Finish


Dancers should have an understanding of the basics of music and should fully understand the following musical terms: Beat, Bar, Time, Tempo, Rhythm and Time signature.  They should also have an elementary knowledge of staff notation.


Rhythm - Candidates should be able to explain and apply the following standard rhythms used when counting movements and steps in Highland dancing, also counting in beats and bars:

       - Single beat rhythm

       - Perfect half beat rhythm

       - Imperfect half beat rhythm

       - Quadruple or quarter beat rhythm.



Dancers must dance the following:

    - Highland Fling (6 steps)

    - Sword Dance (3 & 1)

    - Seann Triubhas (4 & 2)

    - Strathspey & Half Tulloch (2 & 4)

FELLOW $280.00


Applicants for this exam must have held the status of Member in the Branch for not less than three years.  Applicants must be 23 years or over.  Candidates will be examined on Highland, Scottish National, Irish Jig and Sailor's Hornpipe technique.


As for Member but candidates must have a deeper knowledge of all Basic Positions and Basic Movements. As well, candidates should be able to demonstrate and describe any alternative method or methods of executing any Basic Step, Introduction or Finish. This goes for the National Dances, Sailor's Hornpipe and Irish Jig as well.



As for Member



This section will not be taken separately.  The candidate's dancing ability will be taken in to consideration when demonstrating the work in "Technique"