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Gardner School of Dance is currently accepting registrations
for Sept 2014-June 2015 season (see below for days and times).
Contact katie@gardnerhighland.com or see the News & Information page for a registration form.

2014/2015 Dance Year (classes start Sept. 9)    
Time  Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday    Saturday Sunday
5:00pm x x x x x x x
5:30pm x x x x x 10:00am   x
    5:30-6:00pm       10:00am-11:00am  
6:00pm x Primary/New Beginner x x x 10:30am x
    6:00-6:45pm   6:00-6:45pm   Junior/Senior Championship  
                                                                        6:30pm No Classes Pre-Premier No Classes Pre-Premier No Classes 11:00am Championship Class  (Jan-June) No Classes
7:00pm x 6:45-7:45pm x 6:45-7:45pm x 11:30am x x
    Premier (JR and SR)   Premier (JR and SR)        
7:30pm x Class may run until 8pm  x Class may run until 8pm  x   x x
    dependent on numbers   dependent on numbers        
8:00pm x   x   x   x x
8:30pm x x x x x   x x
9:00pm x x x x x   x x